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Kaylee tuener

Do Eye Floaters Go and Come Back?

I have few eye floaters in my vision. Sometimes I can see them but sometimes can't. Can you tell me why? Do eye floaters go and come back?
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Answers (2)

  • Joshua?hall

    Eye floaters will not go and come back. They are a physical entity. They will stay in our eyes forever unless we apply some kinds of surgeries to remove them. However, we may feel that eye floaters will come and go sometimes because we will notice them when we see a blank area or a blue sky but sometimes we will not notice them for periods of time because our brain can learn to ignore them.
  • Allison leslie

    Eye floaters are just a few protein or debris in the vitreous of our eyes. We can see them for they can leave the shadow on our retina. Usually many people may have eye floater in their life. And a few of eye floaters will not cause big damages to our life and work. Many people learn to live with eye floaters in their life. And the eye floaters are often come and go on its own.

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