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Is there on other way to pay contact lenses apart from direct debit?

For example, at Specsavers. If my contact lenses were 10 a month, is there no other way to pay apart from direct debit? I'm 16 you see and would like contact lenses before September. I asked my mum but for some reason she doesn't seem too keen. Could you help me please? Thanks in advance!
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  • walerie


    Why don't you stick to get them on Specsavers ? You can buy them from online stores which is cheaper and no need for a direct debit if you have a copy of your prescription . Also you can buy them in bulk .It is the most economical way for people who want to save money .
  • dale


    Firstly, you need to know why your does not want to pay for contact lenses for you. In my mind, I think you can wear frame eyeglasses instead. Even though you are allowed to wear contact lenses, wearing contact lenses will make your eyes dry and make you uncomfortable. Moreover, the contact lenses are paste closely on your cornea, which may cause harm to your eyes. Hope this helpful.