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Brooke peters

Where can I get prescription thick black framed glasses?


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  • Erin

    Shop on-line. There are tons of places that sell frames. You can see a photo of the frame and decide whether it is thick enough for your liking. Make sure you have your prescription and call your doc and ask for your PD (pupil distance). Then you can order the frames on-line. The on-line shops have decent customer service and they ship your prescription glasses pretty quickly (it takes a little longer if you have a more difficult prescription). Lots of "nerd" glasses to choose from, plus tons of other styles too, such as the online shop
  • Geoff

    When it comes to thick black framed glasses, you can find them in any mortar and brick store or at online eyeglasses store such as Thick black framed glasses is highly recommended to a person with strong prescription because they will hide the thickness of your lenses. Hope this helpful.

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