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cook Brandon

Can I get the right eye size for colored contacts without getting an eye exam?

I want to get colored contacts but my vision is good .I only want to have my eyes measured for contacts to get the right size. Do I need to go through the full exam or only for the size? Also, do walmart do this?How much do they charge ? Also, do you know if the eye doctor sells colored contacts that dont have a vision prescription? you know, just the size.

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  • Carlos quick

    It is better to have a full eye exam ,not only the size . The doctor will check whether you are irritating to the contacts and the curvature of the cornea are suitable for wearing contacts . He will make sure your eyes are healthy and you don't have any problems with dry eyes and allergies. He also need to teach you how to put them in, take them out, clean them and take care of them for beginners . You can do it in Walmart and it will cost around $90 .The doctor do have non prescription colored contacts and you can try different colors to see which look good on you .
  • eduardoroxmisox

    If you want to save money , you can order it online without an eye exam or prescription as you have good vision . But it is not recommended for safe reason.

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