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Kimberly murphy

How do I keep my basketball goggles from fogging up?

Whenever I play basketball, I always get sweat, then may goggles will fog up. So I often take them off and wipe them, but a few minutes later it fog up again. I am wondering how to keep my goggles clean and fog-less for a long time?

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  • Logan Hall

    Spit or lick into your goggles.This can temporarily solve your problem and it is widely used for many people.
  • Brittany garcia

    Take your goggles to an optical store and see if they can put an anti-fog coating on your goggles.If they can't, you should buy a new pair of goggles that have anti-fog coating on them.Many sporting goods stores would have the goggles you want. Remember not to touch your goggles with your fingers and your skin to prevent your goggles from fogging up.
  • Jonathan

    You can keep your goggles a little far away from your face, which can help keep your goggles from fogging up a little.
  • Zoe

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    You can take your goggle to the optical store and let the optician to add anti-fog coating on your lenses. Or you can try the anti-fog products which used to put on the glasses in cars. All you do is buff the inside of the goggles. I hear that you can lightly coat the inside of the goggles with dishwashing liquid to give you the same effect.

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