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Can I save my daily disposable contacts if I only wear them half day?

I have daily disposable contacts, and today I only wear them for only about 5 hours. i don't want to waste em, and i would like to save them for another 5 hours tomorrow. Will that be ok?

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  • smith

    No. It is not safe to do that. Daily disposible contact lenses are designed to wear for one day and throw them away, that is to say, you should throw them away after a day no matter whether you wear them for a whole day or not.
  • Kelly Dalton

    It doesn't matter if you wear them for another 5 hours in the next day. I have worn daily contacts for two days without any issue. But they are made to be thrown away at the end of the day, You are risking your eye health by doing this. If you are unlucky, you may get infected. So be careful with it.

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