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Can Vitamin A help get rid of eye floaters?

I have the annoying eye floaters and i wonder if Viatmin A can help get rid of it.
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Answers (4)

  • b3phoenix

    Yes. A niutritional diet which contains some key Vitamins in your daily routine can help promote eye health and thus help get rid of eye floaters. You can take Vitamin A or supplements to help get rid of eye floaters.
  • elmo01

    No. I don't believe Vitamin A can help get rid of eye floaters. I've never see people try this. You should talk with your doctor. He will know whether Vitamin A can help get rid of eye floaters or not.
  • walkingaround

    No. Eye floaters is not caused by lack of vitamin A, so you can't get rid of it by taking in Vitamin A. Actually there is no way to treat floaters. You will ignore them as time goes by.
  • Savannah taylor

    No. There is no study that eye floaters can be cured by Vitamin A or any other supplement. So far there is no treatment for floaters as it is harmless to your eyes.

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