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How to get free Eye Exam at Walmart?

I heard walmart has free eyes exam. if this is true, how can i get it and make an appointment?
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  • Alexander


    I never try because i have perfect vision. But i saw an article wrote "Wal-Mart eye exam coupons consumers can obtain a eye exam at no cost" They claimed that even uninsured individuals can get free eye exam. Saving money, get Wal-Mart eye exam coupon than it can be done with the help of, free contact and free eye exam etc. And you can go to get coupons from Wal-Mart vision center. Or, you can also go which also offer great deal of coupons that can save you money.
  • Lin Weinbaum


    I need new glasses and have no insurance coverage for the exam or glasses foe that matter
  • electriikheartx


    I've heard that Wal-Mart has recently begun to give free eye exams to new customers or prospective buyers. It is said that people with Wal-Mart eye exam coupons can obtain an eye exam for free. However, I don't know how to get the eye exam coupons at walmart. You'd better contact the Wal-Mart Vision Center to get more information about the free eye exam at walmart. Even if you can't get free eye exam at walmart, the eye exam at walmart won't cost you too much. It is very cheap there.
  • Scott Robert


    There is a new website that has posts daily about eye exam promotions and they just released a few Wal Mart free eye exam coupons. The site is . I believe it is run by a web company that tries to release discounts for people who are uninsured or need to get cheap health care. From what I can tell the site also offers discounts on glasses and contact lenses as well.
  • Callie Moore Hicks


    I have no Ins. and I am unemployed so there for no money But it's becoming harder everyday to see How can I get free eye exam and If needed glasses ?
  • Julie Naylor


    If I find the answer, I'll post it.
  • Zoe


    Speaking of places for taking eye exam, Walmart is a place where many people like to go for their profession and neat services. However, the cost of an eye text can be expensive for some people. You can get free eye exam at some places such as Walmart. You can search Walmart free eye exam coupon online. You can get printable free eye exam coupons from some big coupon websites and it is not hard to find them.
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  • floyd mixonn


    what's the queston
  • casebell


    Frankly speaking, I have never got free eye exam at Walmart. Even though, it just cost you less to have an eye exam at Walmart. Walmart Vision Center generally speaking is one of the lowest cost eye care chains. It's great for those on a tight budget because they don't sacrifice quality while at the same time provide a low cost solution. The Walmart eye exam cost on average is about $50.I checked out my local Wal-Mart. They charge $49 for the eye exam.They said they have frames starting as cheap as $18 and they go up to $140. Their cheapest lenses are plastic (as expected) for only $30. The $30 lenses have no coatings on them. They charge an extra $10 for UV coating and $35 for anti-reflective coating.They also offer the polycarbonate lenses (impact resistant and lighter) with UV coating, scratch resistant coating, and anti-reflective coating for $118.Based on people's comments on Walmart Vision Center, people are generally very pleased with the customer service and quality of the product they've received. The one complaint that came up several times was the wait time.
  • marilyn rittinger


    n we get discounts
  • George Martin Jr


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  • Joyce michelle winkles brown


    I live in Duncanville Tx How do I get a free eye exam
  • Karen L Falcon


    Good Morning I haven't had an exam in many years and Wallmart was were I had it done. I just broke my glasses that can not be repaired so I will need a pair of glasses as well. I have no benifits so I am hoping I can get the FREE eye exam. Please let me know. Thank You