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Marissa george

How to remove calcium deposits from contact lenses?

There are some calcium deposits on my contact lenses and they irritate my eyes very much. How can I remove them?

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  • walkingthesky

    Calcium deposits on the contact lenses may cause irritation in your eyes. So you should take measures to remove calcium deposits from contact lenses. An effect way to remove calcium deposits is applying white vinegar. Get a container to hold your contact lenses and a small amount of vinegar. Then soak your lenses in the white vinegar for about 20 minutes. Then the calcium deposits will be removed. After that, you'd better use saline solution to clean your contact lenses agai.
  • Fari Tackaberry

    It is common to get deposits on contact lenses. Usually, some common deposits can be removed from lenses by using solutions. You need contact lens cleaning solution, wash your contact lenses with the solutions. If it not works, you may need to prepare an enzyme solution. Just soak the lenses in to enzyme solution in a cases for a minimum of 8 hours. It may works. Good luck.

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