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Can I have the lenses taken out of my reading glasses and made into prescriptions?

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  • I have met the same problem and I don’t want to go to the store,either. I just want to adjust it by myself, but every attempt I have made to adjust my own glasses has resulted in failure! The glasses are so precise,only the professional can do this successfully,so take them to a shop. They will do it for you for free.
  • Generally speaking,one kind of lens cannot be made into another kind. However, you can take your reading glasses to the optician to ask them to remove the lenses and replaced with prescription lenses.If you find Reading glasses in a style you love, this might be a good option if possible .
  • Arianna walker

    Maybe you can replace your old lenses with a pair of prescription lenses. You'd better have a look in any optical shops first. If the optician can do that for you, you can have a try.
  • Kristy

    You can have a try. But the lenses must be replaced. You'd better have your eyesight checked first to get a new prescription. Then you can take your prescription and glass frame with you to see an optician and ask them to store a pair of new prescription lenses with your old glass frame.
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    Of course, you can. However, firstly, you need to get your prescription at first and then take your reading glasses to the local eyeglasses store and get your reading lenses out and replace it with prescription eyeglasses. Hope this helpful.

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