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Anthony gary

Can I see eye doctor out of VSP network?

I have VSP, Can I see eye doctor out of VSP network? Will VSP still pay for it?
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Answers (2)

  • Thomas keith

    That depends on whether your vsp provide services from out-of-network provider. If it does, you can choose an eye doctor out of vsp network. But your benefit may be different from that with a vsp network doctor. In this case, you can't recieve benefits of eye health which the vsp network doctor will provide to help keep your eyes healthy. I suggest you enter their website to get more information about this.
  • christian

    You shall consult your VSP provider that if they support out of VSP network. If so, you are lucky. But usually, the benefit of out of VSP network and VSP network are different. So If you have VSP, why not choose see doctor with VSP network? It is a easy thing, right now. Friends, don't make things so complicated and find a eye doctor with VSP. It will help you save money, uust go to

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