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Alexia gerard


How to put contact lenses in children's eyes?

My child want to wear contact lenses but he always failed to put them in his eyes. How can I put contact lenses in his eyes?
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  • Angelica giles


    At the begiining, you should wash your hands clean and dry them off before you start to touch your children's contact lenses. Then let your child stand closely in front of you with one side toward you. Ask your child to look toward you. Next, place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger and then use your finger tip to touch your child's eyes. Once the lens touch your child's eye, ask he to blink to make the lens in place. Good luck!
  • Robert


    1. Wash and dry your hands before you touching your children's eyes and his or her eyes. 2. let your child stand closely in front of you and ask the child loop at ceiling. 3. Put contact lens on the tip of your finger and then tip it into the eye gently into their eyes. 4. You shall ask your child blink several times to see if the lenses in the right places after you put it into her/his eyes.