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What are the pros and cons of daily disposable contact lenses?

i am deciding to buy some contacts but not sure which type to get. My friend said she often wore daily contacts. What are the pros and cons of daily disposable contact lenses?
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  • clam_i_am


    The contact lenses usually have several types based on different range of usage. In general, there are daily contact lenses, weekly contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, seasonal contact lenses, half year contact lenses and yearly contact lenses. And the daily disposable contact lenses are made to wear for one day only and throw them away. Compared with other period contact lenses, they are more comfortable because of the oxygen can pass through the lenses to reach the cornea. And they are lighter so that don't irritate the eyes. In addition, they could avoid allergy due to the protein or lipid deposit don’t occur. However, due to they need to be changed every day, they are not durable and costly. At the same time, they only correct less eye vision problems than others.
  • CeCe Bazel


    The pros of daily disposable contact lenses must be convenient and can reduce the risks of get eye infection or allergy. Since the contact lenses allow you wearing and giving away everyday, you don't need to clean it. And changing new daily disposable contact lenses don't worry get dirty lenses, leading allergies. The cons of daily disposable contact lenses is costly for most of people. Since you need to wear new lenses everyday, you must prepare many contact lenses in a period of time that must be costly.
  • christensengirl


    Nowadays the daily disposable contact lens is the most hygiene and the most healthy contact lens, because of changing lens every day, it not only leave out the traditional complex contact lens caring process, but also can significantly reduce the complications caused by protein precipitation. the daily disposable contact lens is suitable for people who often do exercise, travel on business, like outdoor sports, etc. However, the daily disposable contact lens, compared with other time-limit contact lenses, is relatively rough, and hard, and its quality can not be better. But considering that you just use it only once, it could be more cost-effective.