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Julio G.

Is it Ok to wear circle contact lenses for 24 hours?

I will go to a party this Sunday and i will wear circle contact lenses. Can i wear them for 24 hours? Will it damage my eyes?
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Answers (3)

  • Minaxi Patel

    If you want to go to a party, as you described, you have to wear circle contact lenses. Of course, it is a risk. However, to a certain extent, it is also allowed. Generally, occasionally wearing contact lenses for 24 hours can be ok, but for a long time, it will do great harm to your eyes. If you have to wear contact lenses all day, you had better to rest for a few days and not wear glasses to ensure that your eyes have a good rest, get enough oxygen. For example, sometimes I also have to wear for two days, but it does not matter. It must be pointed out, the key point is you have to develop good habits and do replacement frequently and cleaning of contact lenses. If you protect the contact lenses incorrect method, they are very vulnerable and will damage the eyes. Sum up, if you do not often change and clean the lenses once in a while, it does not matter .However, you have to develop a good habit.
  • Allison walker

    Usually, don't wear circle contact glasses more than 8 hours. To attend this party, if you wear it for 24 hours, you may have dry eyes, and eye ache bilges painful problems. However, choosing some good quality contact will be great to reduce the harm to your eyes. Besides, the wearing time will be longer without damage your eye health.
  • walkbyfth

    Oxygen permeability of circle contact lenses is often worse than the common contact. It is not harmful for your eyes if you wear them in a short time. But for 24 hours, you should pay attention to the lenses' quality. If you are not confident in your present circle contact lenses quality, you had better go to the famous physical stores or online stores to buy a new one. Only these legislate shops can guarantee the quality. Do not treat your ''windows to the sou''l carelessly.

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