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Michelle leonard

What contact lenses shall i choose, soft contact lenses or RGP contact lenses?

I am tired of wearing prescription eyeglasses and tend to buy contact lenses. My friends suggest me to buy soft contact lenses but doctor recommend me RGP contact lenses. So, which one shall i choose? What are pro and cons of them?

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  • walks_alone_

    First, you should know if you have some eye diseases or not. Obviously, Comparing with normal contact lenses, RGP or rigid gas permeable contact lenses offer crisp, clear vision for a wide range of persons. In other words, RGP contact lenses are superior to other soft contact lenses because of oxygen permeability. As we know that it is easy for eyes to be infected. So in my opinion, considering the health and safety of your eyes , you' d better choose RGP contact lenses.
  • walkamong123

    It seems that soft contact lenses are more widely used than GP contacts. However, GP contact lenses are better than soft lenses. Compared with soft lenses, GP contacts are made of special materials that allow your eyes to breathe, thus to keep your eye health. Besides, the material of GP contacts are firm so that they don't scratch easy. So, you will be safe to wear it. But for soft contact lenses are made of gel-like plastic that easy to tear and don't allow enough oxygen to get through to your eyes. Therefore, GP contact lenses are better if you consider your eye health.
  • Celina

    Soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses are two main types of contact. Each of them has their distinct features. Soft contacts allow oxygen to pass through the contact lens material and you may feel more comfortable. They are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable contact lenses when you first put them in your eyes. With RGP contact lenses, you are less likely to suffer corneal irritation. But they are not comfortable to wear. It is up to you and your doctor to make the decision. I think you should listen to your doctor.
  • equine_world

    The two kinds of contact lenses have their owe respective advantages. I can make a list for you, and you can choose one according to you situation. RGP contact lenses: 1.have good physiological miscibility, not easy to cause corneal hypertrophy and edema even you wear for a long time. 2. Have an ability of oxygen through, not easy to cause hypoxia and dry eyes or change the corneal endothelial cell number. 3. Eyesight correct effect better than that of soft contact lens. 4. Maintenance is simple, long service life, if use the correct way to nurse, lens can be used for 2 - 3 years. 5. suitable to long-term use. 6. maintain corneal physiological health, the safety is high. 7. according to the domestic and international data display: RGP lens can control the growth of the youth myopia effectively. soft contact lenses:1.High water content makes lens soft, flexible, comfortable to use,the adaptation time is short。2.lens are bigger than RGP(12.5-14.5mm), and can cover cornea comprehensive and dust foreign body is not easy to enter the intraocular, also not easy shift, fall off, very suitable for people when he or she needs do sports activities. 3. The edges of the lens tightly attached to the angle sclera flange outer, so it is not easy to be perceived and looks beautiful. But because of it is a soft material, so easy to be polluted, so must be strict disinfection. You can ask for someone professional and do some complete inspection to find out which kind is the best for you.

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