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Who can tell me what are RGP Contact Lenses?

What are RGP Contact Lenses? I heard they are more convenient than common soft contacts. Is it true? Why?

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  • clearbluesky987

    RGP is the abbreviation of Rigid Gas Permeable, so the whole name of this kind of contacts is Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses. Seen from the name, the most obvious advantage of RGP contacts. And they are good at gas permeable. Why this advantage is so important? Because our eye need breath as any part of our body. But soft contacts' gas permeability is not good enough. If we wear soft contacts in a long time, we may suffer from "dry eyes". RGP contact lenses solve this problem. So, RGP contacts are better than soft contacts. But they are more difficult to get used to than soft contact lenses.
  • walkinginstars

    RGP Contact Lenses is better than the common soft contacts. The so called RGP is the abbreviation of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens. The high oxygen permeability of the hard mirror (Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens RGP) contained in the polymer such as silicon, fluorine, it is possible to greatly increase the amount of oxygen through the tear can be obtained from the exchange. Of course, compared it with soft contact lenses, it not only improves oxygen permeability, but also to ensures the material is contaminated and has good wetting and anti-precipitation.
  • Cathy Dailey

    First, you should know that RGP Contact Lenses are referred to the Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses. Comparing with normal contact lenses, RGP or rigid gas permeable contact lenses play an important role in providing crisp, clear vision for a wide range of persons. Now more commonly known as oxygen permeable, RGP contact lenses come in a variety of brands including Boston, Polygon, Flour perm, and others. Actually, we can say that RGP Contact Lenses are more convenient and comfortable than normal contacts because of its oxygen permeability, and perfect design. RGP is superior to spectacles, and it can obtain more excellent optic corrections and better corrected visual acuity. RGP has good therapeutic effect and is a safe, effective and rapid means to improve visual acuity.
  • Aaron may

    The RGP is the short term of rigid gas permeable lens, which is a kind of corrective contact lens to treat astigmatism due to it provides a more crisp vision. And it's made of durable plastic to transmit oxygen thus provides better vision. Though it's less effective than other contact lenses, it can be used longer period.
  • elderoo

    RGP Contact Lenses are Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens which contains silicon, fluorine polymer for greatly increasing the amount of oxygen. Compared with soft contact lenses, RGP contact lenses improve the permeability of oxygen, and have good moisture resistance and precipitation. For adolescents, RGP contact lenses can control the increases of myopia continuously. For adults, RGP has relatively more oxygen and healthier than soft contact lenses, and more beautiful and convenient than the frame glasses. I hope this website is helpful.

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