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Aaron leslie

What is the best way to clean cloudy contact lenses?

I have been wearing my contact lenses for a couple of days now. They have already become cloudy, and I have cleaned and disinfected them properly. I have been wearing contact lenses for almost ten years now. Is there anything that I can buy or do that may be able to salvage them?

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  • carl

    Well, it seems that your contact lenses have been deteriorated and becoming to turn cloudy. I mean, if you ever risk wearing those deteriorated contact lenses, your eyes could be greatly impaired and have some infections. Anyway,there are no natural ways to salvage your contacts, they are not properly kept and of course they could go bad. Just get yourself another pair, for your eyes and for your health.
  • Kelly evelyn

    Try the enzymatic cleaner to see whether it does work. If your contact lenses are soft, you can try to purge them in distilled water and you should change the water very often. You'd better try doing that way for at least a day or two.

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