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How long does it take to get used to contacts for astigmatism?

I want to buy contact lenses that can help me with astigmatism. But my friends told me it is difficult to get used to it. I wonder how long i will take to get used to the lenses.

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  • fergus

    Moderate astigmatism, if it below 150, you would convert to myopia to the prescription. But if your astigmatism is strong, e.g. more than 200, you must to seek a customized products, and it will take more time. Yes, most of the people will find it's hard to get used to this kind of lenses, so they turn to wear frame glasses. But that depends on the person; it's hard to say how long it will take. But normally, the moderate prescription will be easier than strong prescription.
  • Warren

    I have no astigmatism and never wear contact lenses for that. Buy i have a friend who has similar problems to yours. She said it is a bit difficult and takes time to really get comfort from the lenses. She told me that she spent about 20 days adapting the lenses. And the adaption period is different from each person. Maybe you can ask your doctor who prescribed the lenses for you.

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