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Why does my eye sting when i put in contact lens?

I feel sting in my eyes when i put in my contact lenses. What caused that? Does that mean my current contact lenses do not fit for me?
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  • cahekm_12b


    I have experienced this before. However, the reason is that my hands have touched the spicy food which still leaves something on my hands. I don't know whether you also do this. There is another obvious reason is that your eyes are not suitable for wearing contact lenses because of they are trachoma. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a check.
  • Andrea lester


    Well, sometimes it's kind of normal but it should go away after a few seconds. If this feeling goes on, you have to pay attention to it because it may mean you are developing a contact lens-related eye infection or other serious problem. You can follow this 3 steps: firstly, remove them and clean in multipurpose contact lens solution, then, inspect the contact lens to make sure whether the discomfort likely was due to the lens deposit or defect, if no , do the 3rd step , remove both contacts, put on your eyeglasses and immediately call your eye doctor to schedule an emergency eye exam..