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Can I wear contact lenses after rhinoplasty?

I just took a rhinoplasty. Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses?
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  • Marissa edward

    As usual and for most situations, you had better not do it because the doctor advices the patients wear the contact lenses after one or two days after the Rhinoplasty letting your eyes have a rest. As we all know that there are some blood vessels that connect our eyes and nose. While you are experiencing the rhinoplasty, especially the open rhinoplasty, the doctor will put a small V-shaped skin incision and then make the nose look more beautiful. Nevertheless, you we have to wait for some days to remove the cast, and then you can try to ask for vision help from the contacts lenses. All in all, I strongly suggest you not to hurry to wear the lenses after the rhinoplasty; otherwise you will find your nose will not recover well. Good Luck.
  • Shavonda D

    It's best to allow a day or so before using your contact lenses following rhinoplasty.if no eyelid surgery was performed, then contact lenses may be inserted the day after surgery. However,you may feel good to have a temporary rest from the contact lenses for the first two to three days after rhinoplasty.i hope this information helps.
  • Kaylee peters

    It seems that your rhinoplastic surgery is quite successful. As to whether you are ok to wear contact lenses, I should say, it depends on your recovery process. If the surgery had little impact on your eyes, you are good to go. However, I still recommend postponing wearing contacts before you get some confirmation from the doctor, at any rate, you have the authoritative and final say.
  • Ted

    It can be dangerous, but not always. If you want to play it safe, I recommend Dr. Co glasses. They rest on the cheek, and are designed for people who just received rhinoplasty surgery.

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