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Zoe may


What activities should i avoid when at the risk of a retinal detachment?

I know people who have high myopia are at the risk of a retinal detachment. For the sake of my eye health, I want to know what activities I should avoid.
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  • Luis


    Experts point out that people with high myopia usually own the long axial length and the soft wall of the eye, so the high myopia people should pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise, vibration, and external force hitting the eye, in case of leading to retinal detachment. They need avoid the severe impact of head movements, such as football, basketball, diving, weightlifting, bungee jumping, slamming the brakes so as to prevent retinal detachment. In addition, computer users should pay more attention to the scientific use of eyes and be wary of retinal detachment among younger age.
  • elblancodiablo


    People ranging from 40 to 70 often get the retinal detachment. But most of youth with high myopia also suffer from it. A recent study show that the tendency of young people getting retinal detachment is growing. There are some points you maybe follow: First, try your best not to put your eyes into the environment of tiredness. Second, do not lift heavy objects. Third, avoid strenuous exercises. Forth, far away from the hard food and keep bowels open. Last, do not get eye traumas.
  • eduardoroxmisox


    Usually the ones with high myopia get the high possibility of getting retinal detachment because of the thin corneal. And the violent activities may cause the retina to fall off from the eyes because of the strong touch, such as playing basketball, playing roller coaster and so on. You'd better not do these violent sports.
  • Susan Wright


    A retinal detachment happens when the retina is pulled away from the normal position in the back of the eye. In order to decrease the risk of making retinal detachment, you had better not take two main types of activities to avoid injury in the eye. Firstly, it's risky for you to do activities with shock your head or eyes based on you have a high level of myopia. Because of it would put undue pressure on the eye, such as scuba diving, heavy-lifting. The other risky type of activity that involves sudden accelerating or decelerating, due to it also increases eye pressure, such as bungee jumping, rollercoaster rides.