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misty C.


Are real coach sunglasses made in china?

Do you know Coach sunglasses? Are they made in China? I got a pair and it signs "Made in China". Is my Coach sunglasses real or fake?
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  • Marc


    Pls no worries, in my opinion, not only Coach sunglasses, but also the Coach purse. Coach Clothing, most of them are made in China, nevertheless, they are authentic. As we all know, cheap laboring is the result for this; everything is made oversea because it is much more expensive to do it in developed countries, such as the USA. In China, they can have people, including the kids, work cheaper, which means they don't have to spend much for production and labor. When they sunglasses are manufacturered, they will be shipped over from China. Now if you are still not sure about its authenticity, you can go to your local official shop to confirm.
  • Angela


    As we all know, most sunglasses are made in China. Many foreign brands productions are made in the branch manufacturing Chinese companies. Chinese manufacturing companies belong to their own branches. And your coach sunglasses are the real one. So take it easy.