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Melanie smith

Are your pupil dilate when seeing distant objects?

Just want to know will pupil dilate when seeing distant objects? Why?
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  • cristti

    The size change of the pupil depends on the strength of the light coming in. It has the function of controlling the quantity of the light. When you see near things with bright light, the size of pupil will be normal. However, you see things far away, the light quantity is small. At this time, your pupil will dilate.
  • Luis

    The function of pupil is to control the number of rays which get into your eyes. If your eyes like windows of your heart, the pupils just like the curtain of your windows. The focal function does not responsible by the pupils but related by the crystalline lens within your eyeball. The size of pupil is changed following the intensity of rays. So please do not mix the two functions together, it is none of the business between pupils and the distance.

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