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neva taylor


How do you remove protein deposits from contact lenses?

There are protein on my contacts. Who can tell me the way to get rid of protein without scratching my contacts.
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  • Daniel christian


    Daily wear of contact lenses would result in protein deposits that build-up over time. It would make the contacts less comfortable and reduce life span, even cause eye infections. Firstly, you should consult about what type of cleaning solutions are best for your contact lenses. And you wash hands before removing your contact lenses from your eyes. Then, you place one of the lenses in the palm of your clean hand, and squirt the cleaning solution onto the lenses. In the following, you should rub the contact lenses in a circular motion with your fingertip for 20 to 30 seconds. You should avoid your nails to tear the lens accidentally. After that, you rinse the lenses with the solution to wash away any loosened debris, and store the lenses in clean cases with new solution.
  • clive


    When you buy contact lenses, you shall ask your opthamologist what types of solution fit for your contact lenses. Then, you must wash your hands before taking off your contact lenses. Then, put the contact lenses into the solution you buy it for the contact lenses. Just rub your contact lenses with your finger till it clean. Hope this work. By the way, You shall also require to change your contact lenses for the healthy of your eyes.
  • Melissa garcia


    Existing protein on contact lenses are possible to undertake chemical reaction in dry eyes and acid tear. If so, it will harden, deform the lenses or change the parameters of lenses. The worst it may lead to is attracting other things to adhere to the lenses so as to arouse eye inflammation. Protein decomposer is usually used to solve the problem. Dissolve some decomposer in multi-purpose solutions. Soak the contact lenses in it for about two hours. You can shorten or lengthen the soaking time according to the amount of protein. Then disinfect the lenses with solutions. If you need to wear the lenses soon, soak it in the solution for one or two hours. You can get multi-purpose solutions for contacts in eyeglasses stores. When you don't have it at hand, it can be replaced by mild salty water. Additionally, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the lenses through every one or two months.
  • Karen


    First,you should wash your hands with lotion-free soap, and dry them thoroughly on a lint-free towel.Then,place one contact lens in the palm of your hand, and rinse it with cleaning solution.Thirdly,Rub the lens gently with your finger for 20 seconds, or for the length of time specified on the solution bottle. Even if you use a no-rub solution, the FDA recommends rubbing the contacts to remove any buildup or protein deposits.Fourthly,Rinse the contact lens thoroughly with solution.Finally,place the lens in a clean, empty case, and cover it with fresh solution. Repeat the cleaning process with the other contact lens.