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Can i clean contact lenses with vinegar?

I just wonder if i can clean my prescription contact lenses with vinegar? Is it ok to do that?
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  • Alexia gerard

    Yes. In fact, white vinegar can be used to clean your contact lenses if your contact lenses covers some calcium deposits. Just use pure white vinegar. You shall first soak your contact lenses in the white vinegar or enzyme solution for about 30 minutes. Then clean your lenses as you do in usually. Then check if you have clean your contact lenses. If so, clean your lenses again in saline solution till the lenses get rid of any lingering vinegar or enzymes on the lenses. Hope this help you.
  • Jackson raphael

    No, it is not OK. As we know, we should use the solution to soap the contact lenses and clean them because the solution has the function of getting rid of many bacterium on the lenses. While the vinegar can't have this role which has the volatility may affect the water content character of contact lenses.
  • Jen.C

    Yes, of course you can clean them with vinegar. If your contact lenses are dirty because there are some food spots on them, you can use a weak acid such as white vinegar to dissolve corrosion and to clean them, so you do not have to replace heating elements. Plastic lenses can take more abuse than glass lenses, but they're particularly prone to smudges and debris. Any buildup on your lenses is sure to cause a distraction, especially if you spend plenty of time staring at computer screens or reading paperwork. Keeping your lenses clean helps lower eyestrain and prevents headaches and other maladies. Anyway, you should pay more attention to clean them.
  • Andrea lester

    It depends. If your prescription contact lenses are scleroid, you can use attenuate vinegar to clean them, but remember to wash with water subsequently. And do not touch the spectacles with your fingers to in case that they are scratched, reducing their clarity. If your prescription contact lenses are soft, they need to be cleaned in a strict way to benefit your eyes and the service life of your prescription contact lenses because soft contact lenses are made of molecule synthetic materials and have reticular structure and micropores, which are liable to be polluted by secretion, virus and mould. The way is to put the contact lenses on the center of your left palm, drip some drops of washing liquid, and then wipe their surface with your right index finger or thumb, then wash the spectacles thoroughly with washing liquid or physiological saline. Remember that soft prescription contact lenses cannot be cleaned with running water.

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