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How much do contact lenses cost at vision express?

If i plan to purchase contacts at visionexpress, how much should i prepare for it? Have you ever tried contacts at vision express? Is it good?
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Answers (4)

  • Carlos rodney

    It is depends which types of contact lenses you choose. I saw $ 30 per box contact lenses. But there are also expensive contact lenses $ 126 per box. So, how much do contact cost you is completely depend on what types of contact lenses you buy. More information about it, you can have a look at their websites at :
  • Christian scott

    Well, personally speaking, I have some experience in buying contacts from vision express anyway. I myself find it really convenient and wonderful, for I don't have to wait long time before I get what I have ordered. Typically, you should prepare yourself about 50 to 100 bucks, it would be enough. Actually, the quality of the goods at vision express is amazing and cost saving. You will feel good about doing a deal with them.
  • elstrider

    The average price of contact lenses is about $74 which is a little higher than it in the walmart. However, the variety in the vision express is much more for you to choose. And the quality there is good. It is worthy to have a buy there. You'd better prepare more money because there are many good contact lenses with excellent materials.
  • Ryan

    While prices vary by location and depend upon contacts material, features, and your particular prescription. The average cost of contacts at visionexpress arranged from 29 pounds to 200 pounds, the following website is here for your reference. I didn't try this before, so i find you some comments made by who has tried. And i hope it well be useful for you to make a decision.

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