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Can you put contact lenses and sunglasses without graduating at a time?

Hey. Can you put contact lenses and sunglasses without graduating at a time, ie you wear contact lenses first and then Sunglasses??Thanks
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  • Such an obvious thing may not be that obvious to everyone after all. Contact lenses can and should be worn with sunglasses. As the contact lenses fix the vision, power is no longer needed in sunglasses. There is no problem in wearing two pair of glasses on top of each other as some people see it. I may ask from those wondering this issue if contact lenses are bothering you when you look through the wind shield of your car while driving? Maybe the comparison is not the best one, but it well illustrates that there is no problem in wearing both sunglasses and contact lenses. With contact lenses, many people can for the first time freely select their sunglasses. You don't need to think what kind of frames your lenses are suitable for.
  • Caspar

    No. You should put your contact lenses in your eyes first. Then you can put your sunglasses on. I am curious how you can put your contact lenses and sunglasses without graduating at a time or put your sunglasses first and then put your contact lenses in your eyes. I never see people do that way.
  • Hae

    Of course you should wear your contact lenses first, and then sunglasses. How can you wear your contact lenses if you wear sunglasses first? And if you just have moderate prescription, you can just wear prescription sunglasses only. Prescription sunglasses are a good stuff for those who need vision correction.
  • Jada

    What do you mean by without graduating? Whether you mean Plano sunglasses and a pair of prescription contacts? Why not buy a pair of prescription sunglasses? Then you don't need to put on two pairs of glasses.
  • Cassidy bell

    You can do this as long as you won't suffer from headaches or other discomforts. If you have some vision problems, I suggest you to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. They can help correct your vision problems as well as block harmful UV rays for your eyes.
  • Cameron

    Dude, if you put on two pairs of prescription glasses on at a time, you may suffer from headaches or even vomit because the total degrees in the lenses are not good for vision correction. But if you mean they are a pair of Plano sunglasses, I think it is workable.
  • Geoff Beckett

    If you buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, you don't need to wear a pair of contacts and a pair of sunglasses. I suggest you to have a look at The sunglasses sold online are cheaper than that sold in any local eyeglasses stores. And there are other choices for you to choose too. You can have a look at

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