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Can i wear contact lenses after glaucoma surgery ?

Is it ok to wear my contacts after taking glaucoma surgery ?
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  • Eric rupert


    Definitely, it is not OK. You shall not wear contacts not only after glaucoma surgery but also before the surgery. Also, you shall not wear contact after any eye surgery. First of all, for preparation of surgery, you shall take off contact lenses to help you eye return to a normal situation. Make sure your eyes are natural, stable and ready. After the surgery, some parts of your eyes are change. For example, your cornea may be thinner after surgery. All these consequences make your eye more fragile and sensitive than before. In that situation, contact lenses are absolute a violet external stimulation and a burden of eyes. It is possible to break your eyes with contacts. Not only right after surgery, but also the whole time after surgery, contact lenses are not suggested. Frame glasses are the best choice as it is safe.
  • walkingjaded


    Well, generally speaking, you can wear contact lenses after the surgery in about 1 week. As we know that this kind of surgery is to improve your vision, while it also can make your eyes become dangerous in the first recovery period.And after the surgery, you should give some time for your eyes to recover. In the first week, you are not supposed to wear contacts because contacts can damage your sensitive eyes and also can lead to some infection. So just be careful about it. By the way, after the surgery, it can also lead to some eye problem, such as pink eyes, or dry eyes, for your eyes are very sensitive and fragile. For example, it can lead to eye strain, if you overuse your eyes to watch TV or computer. Also, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night. So just avoid them in the first 1week. Anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes after the surgery.
  • cthier


    Actually, I must tell you that glaucoma is one of the most serious eye diseases in the world. And if things went bad, it could even make you blind, so you should not turn a blind eye to that ! Of course you should not wear contacts since they will harm your eyes, especially at this time, since your eyes are still recovering. However, if you have got enough time to rest and recover, you may consult the doctor to see if you are ok to wear contacts.
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