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Can I wear contact lenses after retinal detachment?

I got retinal detachment. But i have taken a retinal detachment surgery. Now, Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses?
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  • Jade james

    It is not OK for you to wear the contact lenses after the retinal detachment. Because your eyes will be so weak after the retinal detachment which should be at a good rest, you should not use the contact lenses which may easily cause the eyes to be dry. In addition, you should not use the eyes too much time. Having a good rest and keeping the eyes moisture is such an important thing.
  • consilium_capit

    People can go back to light work about one to two weeks after retinal detachment surgery. And if you need contact lenses, you may allow to wear it contact lenses for eight weeks after a retinal detachment surgery. Anyway, you'd better get your eyes checked by your doctor before you wear contact lenses.
  • Caleb

    Well, generally speaking, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses in the first week after the surgery. And you also should know that retinal detachment is kind of serious and dangerous disease, so you should just be more careful after the surgery. Or it can lead to some big problem. By having the surgery, it can make your eyes become sensitive and fragile in the first recovery period. And after the surgery, you should give some time for your eyes to recover. By wearing contacts, it can lead to some eye infections because the contact lenses carry many irritants. So just be careful about it. By the way, after the surgery, it can be likely top have some eye problems, such as pink eyes, or dry eyes, for your eyes are very sensitive and fragile. For example, it can lead to eye strain, if you overuse your eyes to watch TV or computer. And do not play some exercises which can be a risk to your eyes. Anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes after the surgery.
  • walkingnreverse

    Of course you cannot! You must go to hospital for the surgery, if you prolong the treatment time and chance, the vision will be bad more and more till lose vision. Normally, if the vision would be stabilized after the surgery of one to three months, then you can get a pair of contacts. If the surgery affects the prescription, you need optometry to take a suitable degree for your eyes. Take contacts will not do much harm to your retinal, the complication which easily caused by contacts is cornea infection. Eye drops will help to heal the eyes if you get such kind of infection, and please stop wearing the contacts during the treatment processing. However, leave some time for your eyes to get recovery after such surgery. Give your eyes a vocation, take care of it, and then you can wear contacts as before!

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