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Does katy perry wear contact lenses?

Katy Perry looks amazing. Does she wear contact lenses? If so, what type of contact lenses does she wear?
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  • campbell

    Yes, Katy Perry wears the grey contact lenses. And she looks more beautiful than before since she wears the colored contact lenses. Actually the contact lenses may make her eyes look more big and shining. She will look so charming and fascinating at the eyes. If you want to buy the contact lenses, you could go to the online store to have a search.
  • Cameron smith

    I totally agree with you, I love her so much and her songs. Once I read a piece of news in a tabloid, she have a high degree of near-sight, every time she will were contact lenses when she singing on the stage, but she were glasses off stage. The type of her contact lenses, I have to say there is no accurate answer for you, but I do not think that is a necessity. We love her not only on her appearance, the most important things is that she have the charisma.
  • Bernice

    Yeah,Katy Perry looks prety amazing. But as far as I know, Katy Perry is 25 years old and she has beatiful blue eyes, she does not or need not wear contacts lenses. Her blue eyes are real!!

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