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Jacqueline warren

Is red eyes a sign of high blood pressure?

My eyes appear red. What causes it. Is red eyes a sign of high blood pressure?
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  • hand_to_mouth

    High blood pressure is a medical condition that can cause red eyes. The blood pressure becomes too high, pressing on the blood vessels which is in the eyes. To against the high blood pressure, these blood vessels will swell and ultimately break, thus will develop small hemorrhages in the eyes. It leads to the eyes appearing to be red.
  • Sara scott

    If you use the eyes for a long time with no rest in front of the computer, you could get the red eyes. In addition, if you get the inflammation, your eyes will get red, too. And the red eyes are the sign of high blood pressure. When you get the high blood pressure suddenly, your eyes will get the bloodshot which will cause the red eyes. If you get the red eyes, you'd better go to the hospital to have a check.
  • Caroline hill

    High blood pressure can cause red eyes. As the blood pressure goes high, the blood vessels will suffer great pressure from it. Though most of the blood vessels have thick walls and can bear this elevated pressure, the blood vessels in the eyes are thin and they will expand and eventually break under such circumstances, giving rise to hemorrhage in the eyes. And the liquid in the eyes makes the hemorrhage visible, hence the eyes appear red. Apart from high blood pressure, red eyes can be a sign of pink eyes, blepharitis, dry eyes, uveitis, frequent use of eye drops, contact lens wear, eye injury, corneal ulcer or infection, subconjunctival hemorrhage and acute glaucoma. Also, those who suffer osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, erection problems can find themselves red eyes.

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