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Trinity rose


Do your pupils dilate when you're drunk?

I notice that my pupils dilate when i drink too much alcohol. I wonder if you have such experiences. Do your pupils dilate when you're drunk?
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  • Jen


    Well, yes, if you have drunk alcohol, it is possible to have dilated pupils, for drinking can make you have high blood pressure. Generally speaking, when you get high blood pressure, it can lead to high eye pressure. And then it can just affect your eyes, leading to dilated pupils. So just be careful to avoid drinking too much alcohol and making your blood pressure too high. By the way, there are also many other factors, which can causes dilated pupils too, such as hyperventilation, muscle tensions. So just be careful about it.
  • warren


    You have no need to worry,people's pupils dilate if he/she drink too much alcohol. Because several different things happen to you physically, emotionally and psychologically when you are drinking alcoholic beverages. The state and appearance of your eyes can give you away rather quickly. Your pupils appear bigger and slower, and your ability to focus and the redness of your eyes are also apparent. In addition there are some other reasons can contribute to pupils dilate,the main reason is light, then the mydriatics,by the way Many types of drugs, both legal and illegal, can cause the eyes to dilate as well.
  • crusanov


    Yes, your pupils will dilate when you are drunk. The alcohol will stimulate your eye nerves to some degree. That is the main reason for the dilate symptom of your eyes. You could also get the dilate eyes when you are amazing or shocked. However, you'd better use some warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom of dilate eyes.