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Can I design my own color contact lenses?

Can i design my own color contact lenses? I mean can I paint my own custom contact lenses? Any suggestion?
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  • Zachary eddy

    Well, it seems that you are someone who is not supposed to follow the trend, but someone who would like to design your own life. I appreciate your way of life. Anyway, you could contact some eyewear sellers, and keep close contact with them and communicate your ideas to them and see if they could help you, firstly you gotta have some ideas about what delights you ok? I recommend Lenscrafters and Vision works to you, maybe you should contact them for further information.
  • canttouchthis90

    No, you could not paint your own custom contact lenses by yourself. The color material of the contact lenses is made especially which will not fade to harm your eyes. However, your painting material will stimulate your eyeballs which will make great harm on your eyes. You should not do this which is so dangerous.

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