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Logan hall

How to make your eyes look like kim kardashian?

I want myself look like kim kardashian, especially the eyes. Can you tell me how to make up myself?
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Answers (2)

  • Audrey

    As we see, kim kardashian looks more beautiful when she wears the colored contact lenses. One of the blue contact lenses makes her look so charming at the eyes. If you want to make your eyes look like hers, you could wear the blue contact lenses too. You could go to the online store to buy one because of the suitable price.
  • Kimberly quick

    Well, it seems that you like that girl quite a lot right? So, I personally find her quite sexy and amazing. As a matter of fact, she has got a pair of big charming eyes, with thick black eyeliner, and long eyebrow extensions. Anyway, if you wanna have her eyes, you gotta get some eye makeups to apply, also, you should try to get a pair of black contact lenses, since her eyes are originally black, hope you get that sexy eyes.

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