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Sara nelson

What should I do if i get latex paint in my eye?

It is really awful. A bit of latex paint got into my eyes. How can i get rid of it? Any suggestion?
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  • Olavi

    The first step is to relax. It should not be a very big problem. Don’t panic. The latex paint is water based paint, it is easier to be washed out. Use running water to flush your eyes for several minutes, until the paint has been washed out. The blood shots in eyes and watering eyes are inevitable. Apply some compress over your eyes if it makes you more comfortable. Usually these uncomfortable feelings would go away in a few minutes. Usually tears and the water could help to get paint out of your eyes. Blink more frequent than normal, let the tears in eyes help to rinse and lubricate eyes, which can relieve these symptoms too. Don’t worry too much. If you keep feel burning in eyes, blurry or cloudy vision, or even get high temperature without any clue, it is better for you to visit your doctor at once to avoid any chemical burns caused by the paint.
  • Vanessa george

    It will be dangerous for you to get the latex paint in your eyes which will stimulate your cornea. You should wash the eyes with clean water as soon as possible. You could then use the soft and clean cloth to dry your eyes. Then you could use some eye drops to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • bell

    Well, you should know that those latex paint is made of chemicals which could be irritative to your eyes and damage your eyes. For now, you must not rub your eyes for that is dangerous and infectious. You need to get some clean normal saline to take care of your eyes and get eye drops afterwards. If the problem is serious, you need some professional treatment in the hospital.
  • Warren

    Latex paint is toxic, which also will irritate your eyes and make your eyes feel uncomfortable. However, it will cause serious blindness. If you accidentally get it into your eyes, please remember do not rub your eye, because it will make it worst, flush your eyes for 10-15 seconds or until latex is out. Then contact your local emergency center or poison control center. Your doctor will check your eyes to make sure you are clear.

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