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Kelly gary

How to wear turtle beaches with glasses?

It is uncomfortable that when i wear turtle beaches with my eyeglasses. Is this normal? How to wear turtle beaches with glasses?
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Answers (2)

  • Zoe murphy

    Ok, it seems that you have got a pair of amazing headphones. So, it must be amazing to enjoy music with them on. As a matter of fact, those headphones would be very tight on your head. so definitely that would cause inconvenience for you to wear eyeglasses.Of course it is normal. Thus, I recommend that you try to wear contact lenses when you try to enjoy music with them. That would be fine.
  • Andri

    No, it is not normal for you wear the turtle beaches with your eyeglasses with not comfortable feeling. Your ear behind position may be painful because of the pressure. In order to make you feel comfortable when wearing the turtle beaches with eyeglasses, you could maintain a comfortable position for the glasses. That is the main key for you to feel comfortable to wear.

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