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How to clean contact lenses after pink eye?

I got pink eyes, but i didn't realize it. So, i still wear my new contact lenses. Now. can you tell me how to clean it? Can i wear it after i recover from pink eyes?
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Answers (2)

  • walkingfetus

    So, it seems that you were not aware of your pink eyes so that your contact lenses are contaminated by pink eyes virus and bacteria. So, it would not be wise for you to wear your contact lenses because those contaminated lenses would generate pink eyes again, which is terrible. So, you should use a lot of normal saline to wash your contacts before wearing them, also, you should use some solution to thoroughly wash them before wearing. Better yet, just discard them, lest regain your pink eyes.
  • eden540

    As we know, the pink eyes are contagious because of the bacterium. Your new contact lenses may get the invisible bacterium. You'd better use the professional contact lenses solution to clean the contact lenses one by one carefully. Then you soap it and change the solution every day. Then you could use it again after you get recovery from the pink eyes.

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