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Jose joyce

Can hypothyroidism cause dry eyes ?

I feel so upset because i suffered from hypothyroidism. Also, my eyes feel dry in recent days. Why? Can hypothyroidism also lead to dry eyes?
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  • walkthru

    Yes, dry eyes is an uncomfortable condition and a very typical symptom of hypothyroidism. Because hypothyroidism will cause abnormally low thyroid hormone level and hashimoto's thyroiditis. Meanwhile the thyroid antibodies attack the thyroid gland and result in a very slow tear production process, eventually destroy the gland's ability to produce thyroid hormones levels. Thus how you suffer from dry eyes. What's more, people with hypothyroidism may develop swelling eyes, drooping eyelids, exophthalmos and even eye nerve damage. Usually, dry eye caused by hypothyroidism is commonly treated by Synthroid, Levothyroxine Sodium, Levothroid, Armour Thyroid. Besides, eye dryness hypothyroidism can make eyes sting, burning and gritty and even lead to scratches on the surface of the eye. If you suffer from dry eye caused by hypothyroidism you should visit physician or thyroid-savvy doctors. I hope you recover soon.
  • warren

    Yes, hypothyroidism also lead to dry eyes and it is a commom cause for dry eyes. When a person get hypothyroid, usually the tear production in his or her eyes is moving in slow motion, and that's the reason for dry eyes. What's more, it can lead to eye fatigue, nausea, swelling of eyelids, dizziness, breathing difficulty, weakness and headache. So when you get this problem, you can take some medicines, it can be treated by Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid and Armour Thyroid, etc.
  • Cassy

    It is really upsetting to have the hypothyroidism, which refers to a condition of deficient thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones is secreted into blood and then brought to every part of our body. It could help our body to use energy for every movement or maintain normal function and keep warmth. Because some patients would develop a slight protruding eyes from hypothyroidism, so eye dryness syndrome is very possible. The more protruding eyes are, the more evaporation of tear occurs. If there is no other complications, you should pay more attention on your diet to get more protein and energy to support the warmth and functions of organs. Food rich in iron and vitamin B12 are good for patients with hypothyroidism. Supplement of iodine is necessary too. Good luck to you.

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