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Can depression cause eye problems?

I just want to know what will cause eye problems? Can depression cause eye problem?
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  • candylndsuicide

    Well, yes, depression can just be bad for your body, and also, it can affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems. According to some experts, it will just affect the eye color in your eyes. For example, when you are depressed and sad, your eye color will turn to light blue and light grey. Also, other symptoms, including blurry vision, dizziness, and feelings of detachment, hot flashes, chills, and trembling, numbness, and tingling, dry mouth, puffy eyes can be possible too. And in some cases, this can be very dangerous to have it. So in my opinion, you need to be careful about your emotion.
  • crc32

    To be honest, depression can cause eye problems indeed. When people get bad mood, they are easy to lead to high pressure in eyes. High pressure sometimes means fatigue and tiredness in eyes. At this time, dizzy, eye pain, cloudy in cornea may occur. Also, depression is one under lying of glaucoma and lazy eye.

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