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Do your eyes change color when pregnant ?

I know that pregnancy can affect the eyes and eye sight. So, i just want to know if pregnancy cause the changes of eye color?
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  • Tracy


    I would definitely say yes. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. My eyes are typically dark brown, but now are noticeably lighter with streaks of green. My husband noticed this change before I did, seemed to have happened over night.
  • cap081291


    Yes, there are many cases in which women found their eye color changed during pregnancy. Just like the pigmentation of a pregnant woman's skin will change, her pigmentation in her iris may change. We all know that eye color is decided by the melanin inside the stroma of a person's iris. As the pigmentation in iris changes, the eye color will change as well. Some gravidas of hazel eye color say that their eyes changed into green during pregnancy. Some other eye color are reported to darken during pregnancy.
  • Star Travis


    Um... Actually Kaylee, eye color DOES change over time. It's not a matter of opinion, it's scientific fact. But if you have darker eyes, it may be harder to detect. I have hazel eyes and some days they are a dark yellowish brown (aka amber or golden) and some days they are a lighter seafoam green with some yellow flakes and sometimes they are a dark olive green. It can some times change depending on lighting and what colors you wear or if you have a tan.

    Many babies are actually born with light color eyes (I was born with blue eyes) and after about 3 months to a year old their eyes get darker and will usually stay that color most of the time. The Iris, like the skin and hair, has melanin which decides the pigmentation (color). Exposure outside in the sun with out uv protection sunglasses over time could cause the eyes to darken a few shades (kinda like a tan on the skin or when your hair lightens in the sun). Sometimes if you have an illness of the eyes (like glaucoma or cataracts) it could cause the pigment to lighten. Some people also believe that a raw food diet may help lighten your eye color. Pretty much the only people whose eye color cannot change are true albinos because they have absolutly NO pigmentation and do not tan but burn easily. People with very dark eyes might not experience this as well due to too much pigmentation making it difficult to see any changes.

    Another odd pigmentation fact about pregnancy, scientist have found that after a woman has her first child her hair permanently darkens a shade or two(though sometimes it's unnoticeable). It's believed to be cause by hormones.
  • Kaylee tuener


    In my opinion, it is impossible for your eye color to change when you are pregnant. In common, as we know that your eyes color is just born with you with the same color. And it will not change with the time. And for some people, eye color can just change with different emotion or weather. But on the other hand, your eye color will not change when you are pregnant. And according to some experts, when you are pregnant, your eyes can be affected. For example, your eyes will be watery, dry, and even puffy. So just be careful about it.
  • aaron


    Hello, from theoretically speaking, women will not appear this kind of circumstance during their pregnancy period. As you said that pregnancy can affect the eyes and eye sight, may be your will also get black eye, eyes dry and felling of eyestrain or fatigue. But it's doesn't matter, those symptoms would disappear after having kids. So, here's to your future happiness!