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What to do if hot pepper gets in eye?

My eyes feel pain and burning because i got a bit of hot pepper in my eyes. What shall i do? Any tips can save my eyes?
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  • crockettcastle

    Chill out, buddy. It won't harm your eyes or affect your vision. It's not that serious. But I know how much it hurt. Just rinse your eyes with cold water until all the hot pepper is out of your eyes. After that, keep wash your eyes with running water to relieve your pain. Maybe your eyes may seem red and a little swollen, but all these are normal. Just wait, they heal themselves.
  • ct_exposed

    So sorry to hear that news. Because as you can see hot pepper is highly irritative to our eyes, which could lead to burning eyes and painful feelings. Thus, you should try to get plenty of normal saline to flush your eyes. In addition, you gotta get some anti-biotic eye drops to deal with the rest. Avoiding rubbing your eyes, for they will cause infections.
  • emkat_rodd

    Well, don't worry, we will get foreign things into the eyes occasionally. In case of a bit of hot pepper in your eyes, you may feel irritated and painful. You eyes keep watering and burning at the first one hour. The first thing you need to do is to rinse your eyes through out the rest of the day trying to wash it out with vinegar or milk. This can help the veins dilated and increase the blood flow and produce more tears to take away the pepper. Do not flush with the water as the pepper is not soluable in water. If all your endeavors are in vain, you can also try Visine, vegetable oil or just head to your doctor.

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