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What scary contact lenses should i go for?

I need scary contacts for Halloween. What contact lenses are scary and where to find them?
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  • Michelle percy

    There are many styles of scary contacts for Halloween. You can choose Black Sclera contacts, Blood Red, Manson, Black Wolf, Banshee, Whiteout , Bezerker or Vampire. For a really freaky look try the Banshee, Inferno or Pinhead. You can have a look at these Halloween Specialty stores but they are not safe to wear. Or you can order them online from some reliable online stores like coastal, 1800 contacts.
  • EDWIN Caster

    If you really want to buy some scary contact lenses for fun in Halloween, I have some pieces of advice for you. The first thing is to find out some popular stores or websites that sell scary contact lenses. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the choices of the contacts' color. I suggest you to consider the choices of some scary colors. For example, white, red and black. What's more, you can also put up some freaky makeup and dressings to help you look scary.

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