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What are best eyeglasses frames for sensitive skin?

My skin is sensitive and itchy due to the direct contact on your frames to my face. I know there are many materials for making eyeglasses frames. what eyeglasses frames should i choose for my skin.
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Answers (3)

  • Jose

    Since you have a sensitive skin, you shall be careful when pick up eyeglasses frames. Commonly, most of people are less sensitive plastic glasses materials and titanium materials than metal framed eyeglasses. Titanium is ling weight, strong and hypo-allergenic material. So, buying titanium glasses frame is the wise choices for people with sensitive skin. Besides, plastic frames glasses are also worthy to try.
  • Kevin

    I recommend you to choose titanium eyeglasses frame which are specifically for sensitive skin. You can find a pair of titanium glasses in almost every glasses store. Titanium is a kind of durable metal that can be used longer as the frame. It has many advantages such as light weight and flexible to work with. Another choice for sensitive skin is stainless steel frame. This kind of frame is cheaper than titanium frame. If your budget is not enough, stainless steel frame could be a good choice.
  • Dency

    Titanium is a kind of metal that is used to make up hypo-allergenic frame. Titanium frames are now available in the optical market today to sustain sensitive skin. Titanium is known a durable metal that can be used extended time for longer use on your frame. It is also very light weight and flexible to work with. Titanium frames are more expensive hypo-allergenic frames that has been developed.
    Another hypo-allergenic frame used is stainless steel frame. They are less expensive than titanium and has the same effect on sensitive skin. It is easy to work with as the metal is flexible and is also light weight. When you purchase your eyeglasses and you know you have sensitive skin, you have the option to select either titanium frames or stainless steel frames. You will never have to worry about getting irritation caused by the frames. You can now enjoy selecting the frame style, shape and color you want. 

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