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Are polarized lenses good for tennis?

Can i wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for tennis? Will it help me see better?
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  • Ana evelyn


    You can wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for tennis. Actually, a great many people play tennis with their polarized sunglasses on. Sunglasses with polarized lenses have many advantages. polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes from intense sunlight that is harmful to your eyes. Besides, the intense sunlight directly into your eyes also affect you performance in the game. The polarized sunglasses can make you see the tennis ball flying to you more clearly when you are under strong light. Besides, polarized sunglasses can also block UV and UVB that will cause severe eye diseases. If you want to buy a pair of polarized sunglasses for tennis, there are several considerations should be taken. The lenses should be scratchproof and the silicone nose pad is necessary for preventing the sunglasses from dropping due to the sweat.
  • Gabriel


    Yes, you can wear sunglasses with polarized lenses when you are playing tennis so as to screen off the ultraviolet rays and dazzling lights or reflection lights and so on, so as to make you see better. And it is better to choose those quality sports sunglasses that are specially intended for people who are doing sports, such as the "Shield" of Adidas, the "Noyz Golf/Tennis" of Rudy Project, the "Kicker" of Bolle, and so on. When playing tennis in the open on a sunny day, the ultraviolet rays in the strong sunlight will do great harm to the eyes and the dazzling and reflected lights can also impact your eyesight as well as your performance. When you are choosing a pair of sunglasses for sports like tennis, you should pay attention to the color, material, and dark brown and deep green with light and quality material is the best.
  • fergus


    Yes, you can wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for tennis which will help you see better. The polarized sunglasses will make your eyes filter some light and see things clearly. I suggest you to wear the ray ban sunglasses which are good at the quality and design. You could have a try. You may go to the online store to have a look because the price there is suitable.