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Cameron giles

Can lyme disease cause cataracts ?

Is it possible to get cataracts from lyme disease? How? If not, how can lyme disease affect on our eyes?
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  • Arianna walker

    Yes, it is possible for you to get cataracts from lyme disease because of the interlinked nerves between eyes and other parts of the body. Once you get lyme disease, your whole body will get affected. Your eyes may get dry and red because of it. Once you get the cataracts, you need to have the good rest and healthy diet to release it. You could also do the surgery to cure your eyes.
  • Andrea

    Lyme disease is a kind of matural focus infection disease whose causative agent is borrelia burgdorefi and whose medium is tick. Lyme disease usually presents itself by erythema chronicum migrans, abnormity of nervous system and heart, and arthritis. In some cases, lyme can indeed impact the eyes and the patient will feel blurry vision, pain in the eyes when the eyeballs are moving, photophoby, an so on, which is usually caused by neuroinflammation due to the lyme disease. In addition, lyme disease can also lead to scleritis and episcleritis, which is usually caused by the infection of borrelia burgdorefi, the causative agent of lyme disease, or by the immunoreaction to its metabolite. To avoid this, you had better not go to unhealthy environment, and pay attention to personal hygiene. Do more exercises to enhance your immunity.
  • Lainey

    Lyme disease is led by the damage of nervous system. For exemple, cranial neuritis can induce facial paralysis which means partial nerves on face have functional disoders, so that will influence the eyes’ s fuction. Some patients find they get vague vision and feel painful when turning the eye balls and always fear of light, which can be a warn for eye problems. Although lyme disease cannot lead to cataracts directly, you should pay attetion to your eyes’ health. Hope that will help.

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