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How to undilate your eyes faster?

Just for curiosity, do you guys know how to undilate your eyes faster? I mean, in a healthy way.
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  • giles


    There are many factors that can cause dilated eyes. And till now, I didn' t find any good treatment for the dilated eyes. If you want to undilate it, you shall know what causes it, and then treat it differently according to the causes. Usually, some drugs can cause the eyes to dilate, if so, you may have to wait your eyes recover themselves. Also, the lighting can also cause dilate the eyes to help you focus better. If so, you can stay in a brighter light.


    Usually, what causes the dilated eyes is that the neurological input to the constrictor muscle is blocked temporarily by the chemicals you have put into your body. So if you want to undilate your eyes, you should wait until your body metabolizes the chemicals to a normal state, and your eyes will recover themselves. While you want to undilate your eyes in a fast way, there are three ways may help you. First, some prescription eye drops that contain phenyephedrine and pilocarpine are recommended, you can go and consult an oculist. Second, you can wear coloured-contacts that can constricts pupils. Third, you can stay in a brighter place to undilate your eyes faster. In all, if you really suffer from a dilated eyes, the healthy way is to wait until it undilated by themselves.
  • Jorge George


    Well the reason I am in need of this is that I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and my night vision is very poor. Points of light look like big flowers and block out the dark areas. Not wanting to abuse illegal drugs (cost and consequences, et al.) I was looking for a (hopefully) natural solution. When my eyes are undiluted my night vision improves incredibly. Unfortunately I cannot continue using the prescription meds that helped me in this way, so hence the search for a natural remedy. I will check out the eye drops though. Thanks!
  • Jordan owen


    Well,may I know that why you want to get this result? I don' t think it can be good. But I can tell you that certain drugs can cause your eyes to dilate. Besides, in an easier way, you can just stand in brighter light to undilate your eyes. By the way, if you want to undilate your eyes more quickly, you can also look at a flashlight. I really wish you would not do that, lol.
  • cutechaldochick


    There is an antidilation drug, dapiprazole, that blocks stimulation of the muscle that widens the iris. Average recovery time was significantly less in the treated eyes, and comfortable reading ability returned after about 43 minutes with dapiprazole, compared with 66 minutes without it. All subjects had red eyes that persisted for a 180-minute observation period. There are no other compounds available to reverse dilation at this point. Hope this helpful.