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Why do my eyes burn when I put cucumbers on them ?

I heard that cucumbers can help reduce puffiness under our eyes so I applied two pieces of chilled cucumbers on my eyes. But later I felt that my eyes burn. Why? What's wrong? Have you suffered from similar symptom?
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  • mae devera


    I read all the replies/suggestions to 'clearbluesky' question and she's not alone on what she experienced. I experienced it as well. I did have a stinging/burning sensation as soon as I placed the cucumber slices on my eyes and had to wash it immediately. I don't have any allergy to cucumbers, I washed it well and didn't use any cutting board, my knife was clean, just washed my face clean, and everything else that I have to do before putting those cucumbers. The area around my eyes especially got sore and had a burning feel to it for sometime. I won't try it again. I know that cucumbers are good for puffy eyes but with this reaction I got, I'd rather try another thing. Anyone has more suggestions?
  • John clark


    Dear friend, I have applied chilled cucumber slices on my eyes for several times but I haven't suffered from burning eyes. Some of my friends also did this before and they didn't come across any side effect. So I doubt that whether your burning eyes are caused by other reasons. Usually I will wash the whole cucumber bar and then put it into the refrigerator. When I take it out from the refrigerator I will wash it again. And then cut them on a piece of clean chopping board. Oh, God! Maybe I know where the problem lies. Do you wash your chopping board? If you didn't. The remains of hot pepper or other condiments may cause your burning eyes. So you can wash your chopping board and chopping knife and try cucumber slices again.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    Dear friend, did you put cucumber slices on your eyes after washing your face and putting some lotion on your face? If you did, the problem may lies in the lotion and the cucumber. If we put cucumber slices on our eyes for a long time, the acidic nature of the cucumber slices may burn our eyes. And the acidic nature may have chemical reaction with the lotion, so usually we do cucumber treatment after we wash our face, and will not put cucumber slices on our face for a long time. I think 10-15 minutes will be enough. Hope this helped!
  • Alexandria


    I got an eye infection when I did the cucumber eye treatment. I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately for some treatment. though I washed the cucumber well before I did this treatment but doctor told me that there are tens of thousands of bacteria on the vegetables so usually we couldn't eradicate every single germ, so be careful when doing any vegetable treatment on your eyes. I will never do it again.
  • Alexandria


    Dear friend, Are you allergic to cucumbers? If you are allergic to it, you can't apply cucumber slices on your eyes. I have heard many kinds of allergens before but I really haven't heard about that someone is allergic to cucumbers. But that's not mean this kind of things can't happen in our daily life. So I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately. The eye doctor may tell you whether you are allergic to cucumbers or not and treat with your burning eyes. Or you can put a piece of ice on your irritated eyes or apply some artificial tears to flush the remains out, or you can wash your eyes with cold water. Hope you will feel better soon!
  • Ryan Mangold


    I found that looking down with your eyes closed helps completely to remove any pain. It takes around 10 minutes to get used to keeping your eyes down and they will wander up a few times, but just look down.
  • Ana evelyn


    Dear friend, you may get an infection. Maybe there are some bacteria have transferred from your fingers to the slices when you are making cucumber slices or applying cucumber slices on your eyes. We know that the eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body so they will fight against any kinds of small infections or damages strongly. You can wash your hands with soaps and then make cucumber slices again. Or you can use tea bags for instead for tea bags can do well on puffy eyes. And don't forget to wash your hands. Good luck!
  • David Felker


    Hey, guy! There! If you are allergic to cucumbers, you can treat with your puffy eyes with chilled potato slices. They can work as the same as cucumbers. And there are many other ways to help your relieve your puffy eyes. How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Hope this helped!
  • Shelby


    When you are applying cucumber treatment on your puffy eyes, you must close your eyes. Maybe your burning eyes are caused by a drop of water on the cucumber slices. But I think the clean water will not burn your eyes. But if there are some ingredients in the water such as pepper odor, it may lead to burning eyes.


    I don't know what caused your problems. But I think all the reasons that mentioned above may happen to you. I'd like to share my way of getting rid of puffy eyes with cucumbers with you. First, I will smash the cucumbers and then mix them with egg white. Then, I will lie down to ask someone to apply this mixture under my eyes. then, wash the face when the mixture is totally dry. Egg white can help reduce puffy eyes and cucumbers are good for eyes too. You can have a try. Hope this helped!
  • Penny M


    I had the same problem. I removed the rind from the cucumber slices. Problem solved.