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What differs from aspheric and spheric contact lenses?

The only thing I can see is that aspheric lenses are about $20 more on 1-800-CONTACTS. why? What makes them better than spheric contact lenses?

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  • elizabethandzoe

    Well, it depends on your Rx, they may enable you to have a better view in the peripheral zones of the contact. Spherical contacts have a certain quantity of Spherical Abberation (bluriness off on the sides) whereas Aspheric contacts are cut in such a way in order to cut back this bluriness. The greater the Rx the more bluriness you get and therefore an Aspheric contact will help with that. Aspheric contacts also help "mask" astigmatism. If you have some, but not serious, of astigmatism then using this type of contact instead of a toric (a contact that purposely corrects for astigmatism) is always cheaper.

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