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Michelle percy

Can play table tennis prevent myopia?

I've heard that playing table tennis can effectively prevent us suffering myopia. Is that true? Can you tell me why?
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  • Holly

    As we know, the leading causes of myopia is eye fatigue. While playing table tennis can eliminate the eye fatigue. When we play table tennis, our eyes must be tightly fixed on the shuttle, near and far, rotating changing fast ball, which make the eyeball keep moving. In this way the blood circulation can be enhanced so that it can eliminate or reduce eye fatigue and then can prevent myopia.
  • consilium_capit

    Yes. Playing table tennis can make our eyes keep switching from near to far very quickly, which can strengthen the eye muscles and then make our eyes relieve from eye fatigue. While the eye fatigue is main reason that cause myopia, so playing table tennis can prevent myopia.
  • walker

    Playing table tennis can reduce the chance of getting myopia. When playing table tennis, our eyes are always in the high-speed movement to see the object from near to far, and with brain fast feedback contact, the blood circulation is enhanced. The eye muscles can get enough relaxed during the process. So it can prevent myopia effectively.
  • baker

    Many children have myopia due to the long time reading and too much close work. The eye muscles are in strain for a long time and lose their elasticity. By playing table tennis, eyes have to focus from near to far and the eye muscles are no longer in strain. So parents can supervise and lead the children to play games, let the children watch TV less, use less computer, reduces the prevalence of myopia.
  • Juan

    In fact all ball games are effective in preventing myopia for children. The reason is obvious, you have to move your eyes frequently in the process and change to focus from near to far. Thus the focus ability is enhanced in this way.

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