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What kind of sunglasses best fit a round face?

I am problem finding sunglasses that look good on me. I have a round face, what kind of sunglasses would fit me best?
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    i have a suggestion, find a celebrity that kind of has the same shape face as you and then search them on google images or yahoo or whatever and find a picture of them with sunglasses on then chances are, those sunglasses would look good on you!
  • elstrider


    A round face has no angels and the same proportions in the width and length. So people with a round face should choose sunglasses that will make the face appear thinner and longer. They can try angular narrow eyeglass frames, such as a rectangular shape which will match the round face very well.
  • Kate


    If you have round face, you should choose big, square glasses and they look best because they contrast your round face. round sunglasses will only enhance your round face.
  • handsome____boy


    An oval or rectangular model will suit you best. In contrast, a small pair of glasses with round shapes would only accentuate the round shape of your face, which you should try to avoid.
  • Gabriella


    Angular sunglasses are suitable for a round face. So you can look for wider frames with quare or rectangular styles. Sunglasses with brow bars can also fit your face fine. And If you have a large face, you should avoid tiny sunglasses.

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